FOCUS Engineering Co. is an international engineering company specializing in manufacturing spare parts for Continuous Hot-Dip Galvanizing Line (CGL) equipment for the steel industry.
By investing in research, development, and production processes FOCUS Engineering has achieved customers’ trust and satisfaction.
The heart of the company FOCUSed on the production of Bushes and Sleeves for the Stabilizing, Correcting, and Sink Rolls for the CGL zinc bath. Manufacture of Bushes and Sleeves based on Centrifugal Casting method which provides the best quality and long lifecycle of the product what is helping optimize production costs.



Environment, just like Occupational Health and Safety, is one of the issues our company, with all its employees, considers extremely significant. We regard this issue not only as a legal obligation but also as a necessity arising from allegiance to our country and being a good citizen of the world.

Through meetings and training, we inform our employees about what can be done in ever-changing circumstances and motivate them to be conscious and sensitive about the environment.



  Our basic and primary sensitivity in manufacturing is utmost compliance with occupational health and safety rules. As we believe that human is the most valuable being, we aim to eliminate occupational accidents. This issue is tackled under the guidance and coordination of our contracted experts from the Joint Occupational Health and Safety Unit (OSGB), with the participation, training, and periodic controls of all employees from the lowest to the highest in rank. Since occupational safety is our priority, a full-time occupational safety specialist within the company regularly monitors the fieldwork and provides a safe working environment.


Kurtul Mh. Yalova Yolu Cd. No: 147 Gemlik – Bursa / Turkey

Phone: +90 224 524 87 10 (pbx)