Continuous Galvanizing Line (CGL) – Sink Roll, Correcting Roll and Stabilizing Roll

In a continuous galvanizing line (CGL) Sink Roll, Stabilizing Roll, Correcting Roll are used to guide strip which has gained mechanical properties by annealing in galvanizing line furnaces, through the zinc pot. The strip surfaces are coated in the zinc pot.

1- Sink Roll directs the strip coming from furnace towards to cooling tower as a deflector at the entrance. Due to Sink Roll’s grooved surface, the molten zinc can be easily circulated throughout Sink Roll surface.

2- Correcting Roll controls of the strip pressure on the Sink Roll surface and compensate vibration that may occur on the strip. It helps the strip to pass straight while passing through the air jets. Its surface can be flat or grooved.

3- Stabilizing Roll together with Correcting Roll allows the strip to pass straight through the air jets.

The rolls in the zinc pot should be maintained periodically. Maintenance operations have a major impact on the performance of the rolls.

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