Focus Engineering is founded in 2017 by a team of engineers and technicians who have 20+ years of Experience in various areas of flat steel production from galvanizing to steel service centre as well as automation and continuous improvement.

The team and our capabilities have been growing rapidly in line with high demand from both local and global markets. In our production facilities, where we have 2000m2 indoor and 6000m2 outdoor area , we produce high quality products and innovative solutions to help our clients to maximise their operational efficiency.

We are specialized in:

  • steel industry applications
  • galvanizing process consultancy
  • Special alloy casting and parts manufacturing
  • tailor made machine manufacturing


Customer satisfaction is our first priority, therefore we created our company Values to ensure we always stay focused on what is important to us as a company and as the individuals that make up Focus Engineering

  • We value listening and understanding customer views and requirements.
  • We are an approachable technical group who openly discuss solutions in easily understood language.
  • We look at problems through our customer’s viewpoint in delivering real world engineering solutions.
  • We have built our reputation as a group who can provide uncommon levels of service and offers an emergency tier.
  • We value diversity among the group of individuals who deploy our advanced engineering tools.
  • Instead of embracing a corporate in structure, we prefer to execute in a collaborative team environment.
  • We foster honesty and trust among employees, suppliers and customers.


We Focus on Quality

In order to increase quality strength, we focus on our powerful engineering structure, the quality certificates we have, and our quality oriented structure as well as the constantly developing quality standards in the world.



ISO 9001-2015