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SRM Pipe Cooling Rollers Manufacturing and Installation

Borusan Mannesmann There are cooling rolls at the exit of the Pipe Manufacturing Line. After manufacturing has been completed, pipe temperature is around 900°C and needs to be cooled down. To cool the pipes down, 56 rolls have been used. Each roll has 120 rings with > 50HRc hardness. Rings are manufactured by turning machine and inducted to […]

Automotive Pipe Storage Stands – Borusan Mannesmann

For the pipes produced with precision and care for the automotive industry, the same sensitivity should be made during storage and shipment. The production and installation of the 1500 ton capacity stock areas, designedby taking into consideration of safety precautions, has been completed. Welding points have been checked with the NDT Test as it is […]

Quality Certificates

We, Focus Engineering Co., aware the importance of quality in factory control system. We have the capacity to produce quality products in all manufacturing processes. Our quality certificates are;ISO 9001-2015 (Quality Management System)ISO 3834-2 (Quality Requirements for Fusion Welding of Metallic Materials)EN 1090-2 (Conformity of the Factory Production Control)